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Deall elfennau sylfaenol cyd-gynhyrchu a’u defnydd

Co-production definition and principles (with posters)

1. Co-production: the definition Co-production is an asset-based approach to public services that enables people providing and people receiving services to share power and responsibility, and to work together in equal, reciprocal and caring relationships. It creates opportunities for people to access support when they need it, and to contribute to social change. 2. Co-production is underpinned by 5 principles: 1.    Value all participants, and build on their strengths. 2.    Develop networks of mutual support. 3.    Do what […]

Co-Production Guide for Northern Ireland – Connecting and Realising Value Through People

From the Department of Health in Northern Ireland: This practical Guide to support the application of a Co-Production approach across our health and social care system was developed as part of the Department’s programme of work to transform health and social care provision as envisaged in “Delivering Together 2026”. Developed using a system wide partnership approach, the Guide provides underpinning principles for Co-Production, definitions of key terms and practical guidance to a range of stakeholders […]

NLCF report: A Meeting of Minds: how co-production benefits people, professionals and organisations

From the National Lottery Community Fund: We believe that people understand better than anyone else what’s needed in their communities. Co-production, which brings people and stakeholders together to create and deliver services, is one way of doing this. Our latest report, A Meeting of Minds: How co-production benefits people, professionals and organisations, focuses on the practice of and learning about co-production, as well as the benefits for people, professionals and organisations. Why a report on co-production? […]

Co-production: an audio introduction

We recorded one of our “introduction to co-production” workshops for someone who’d missed the session, and we thought we might as well share it with everyone! We turned it into a podcast episode and you can listen in the channel of your choice, it’s available on Google podcasts, Spotify, and a few other places. You can also listen directly in Anchor in your web browser, the recording and the links to the other platforms are […]

The meaning of co-production for health care users and user organizations

An Ambiguous Concept: On the Meanings of Co-Production for Health Care Users and User Organizations? Ewert, B. and Evers, A. (2014) “If co-production is rooted in and initiated by civil society actors, promotes community-based knowledge on health and healthcare practices and gives co-producers sufficient entrepreneurial space, the much praised term may be something more substantial than simply being another buzzword in the realm of welfare production.”

What is co-production, why would we do it and how can we implement it?

Melika Powell is a Research and Development Officer for Research in Practice for Adults. She writes about what co-production is, when participation becomes co-production, and working with carers: “Involving people in the design, delivery and ongoing development of services is important on an ethical and emotional level, as it can support those involved to develop their skills and promote their wellbeing. In addition it can improve services and has also been shown to contribute towards efficiencies […]

The 5 principles of co-production illustrated

These illustrations of the definition and 5 principles of co-production have been created specially for the Co-production Network for Wales by Laura Sorvala or auralab. They are released under a Creative Commons – Attribution – Non-commercial – No-derivatives 4.0 International license (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0). That means you can use and share these illustrations as long as you give appropriate credit, don’t use them for commercial purposes, and do not modify them. Please link back to […]

Diagramau amrywiol ar gydgynhyrchu

(Gan Noreen:) Dyma’r diagramau byddaf yn eu defnyddio wrth roi cyflwyniadau a gweithdai am gyd-gynhyrchu, rhag ofn y byddant yn ddefnyddiol iti hefyd! Os nad yw’r bobl sy’n darparu gwasanaethau a’r bobl sy’n eu defnyddio o gwmpas y bwrdd, nid cyd-gynhyrchu yw hynny. (Yn enwedig pan fydd gweithwyr proffesiynol sy’n cydweithio ar draws sefydliadau, nid cyd-gynhyrchu yw os nad yw dinasyddion yn cyfrannu hefyd. Cydweithredu yw hynny, sy’n rhan bwysig o’r holl ddull o weithio […]

What real co-production is not (A4, 2 pager)

This is a two-sided A4 information sheet that helps to clarify: on one side, co-production: what it looks like, what it’s for, and how it works on the other side, what real co-production *isn’t* Handy to keep checking in whether you’re on the right track; but also for having conversations in which you need to debunk some preconceptions about co-pro… Click on the link below to open the pdf in a new tab: CoproNetWales A4 info sheet […]

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