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Astudiaethau achos wedi’u dogfennu o Gymru a’r DU

100 stories of co-production: Scottish Co-production Network

Short films to help you spread the word about co-production “You can use any of these short films wherever & whenever you want, as tools to help you get the message across about what co-production means. “The films take you inside different co-production experiences in Scotland. The aim is to: inspire provoke conversation and discussion show ‘warts and all’ of co-production If you or your team are facing challenges, you’re not alone. Grit is an […]

Co-Production Guide for Northern Ireland – Connecting and Realising Value Through People

From the Department of Health in Northern Ireland: This practical Guide to support the application of a Co-Production approach across our health and social care system was developed as part of the Department’s programme of work to transform health and social care provision as envisaged in “Delivering Together 2026”. Developed using a system wide partnership approach, the Guide provides underpinning principles for Co-Production, definitions of key terms and practical guidance to a range of stakeholders […]

NLCF report: A Meeting of Minds: how co-production benefits people, professionals and organisations

From the National Lottery Community Fund: We believe that people understand better than anyone else what’s needed in their communities. Co-production, which brings people and stakeholders together to create and deliver services, is one way of doing this. Our latest report, A Meeting of Minds: How co-production benefits people, professionals and organisations, focuses on the practice of and learning about co-production, as well as the benefits for people, professionals and organisations. Why a report on co-production? […]

Mesur y Mynydd: Beth sydd wir o bwys mewn gofal cymdeithasol i unigolion yng Nghymru?

Mae Mesur y Mynydd yn fenter a ariannwyd gan Lywodraeth Cymru. Adroddiad Rheithgor Dinasyddion Digwyddodd y Rheithgor Dinasyddion rhwng 24 a 27 Medi 2018. Drafftiwyd yr adroddiad gan Katie Cooke, Rheolwr Prosiect Mesur y Mynydd a Rachel Iredale, Darllenydd mewn Ymgysylltu Cyhoeddus ym Mhrifysgol De Cymru, ar ran y Rheithgor, ac fe’i cymeradwywyd gan bob un o’r Rheithwyr. Cwblhawyd yr adroddiad hwn ym mis Ionawr 2019 a’i gyhoeddi gan Brifysgol De Cymru. Dyma adroddiad am […]

Beyond engagement and participation: User and community co-production of public services.

A helpful paper with illustrative case studies toward the end of the article examining the different “types” of co-production and how issues may arise in its implementation.   PLEASE NOTE – this link is to the articles abstract. The full paper can be purchased from multiple online sources.

Case study: Lambeth Living Well Network

Can you implement changes to create a truly personalised experience for people with severe and enduring mental illness and at the same time have a 20% reduction in costs? Can you make a fourfold increase in the number of people getting early support for common problems of mental health with a modest injection of extra money? Can you reduce demand by removing eligibility criteria? The London Borough of Lambeth has shown how. The Council and Clinical Commissioning Group […]

Case studies on the Ideas Hub

The Ideas Hub is an online platform for collecting and sharing the stories of those who are already using collaborative, asset based and community approaches in their work on the front line. Case studies are published in the following categories – follow the links for more! Asset based Blog Case study Children and young people Co-production Collaboration Commissioning Community engagement Community resilience Education Idea of the Month Interview Place based health Report Social action Video Well being

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