Do the costs outweigh the benefits for health research?

The dark side of coproduction: do the costs outweigh the benefits for health research?
(Oliver, K., Kothari, A., & Mays, N., 2019)

“Coproduction is an exciting approach to research that can generate truly novel, unexpected outputs. However, it takes investment, skills, time and courtesy. Engaging stakeholders should be done for the right reasons and in the right way…”

Research organisations and funders need to consider:
1. How to create (co-create) and support the infrastructure and leadership for coproduction
2. How to provide training in coproduction, and help researchers and funders take this seriously as a skill set
3. How to reward good practice, and to recognise the work coproduction may take even if it does not lead to impact
4. How to evaluate the potential impact(s) of coproduction
5. How to ensure that coproduction supports, rather than mitigates against diversity and quality in
research and policy”

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