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Research – mental health

Co-production in mental health: not just another guide (2018) This guide shares learning about: where and how things are working well features of different models of co-production how co-production contributes to delivering better experiences and outcomes for people with mental health conditions others’ views of hurdles and how to overcome them. We took a three pronged approach to gather information for the guide. We conducted a review of the existing co-production knowledge base, including theory, […]

Using research evidence: a practice guide

Alliance for Useful Evidence “This practice guide has been created to help you use research evidence to improve your work. It will help you: Learn about evidence-informed decision-making, and why research is an essential element of it. Understand the different scenarios when using evidence can help you, as well as the types of evidence you might need at different stages of development. Explore different types of evidence, how to choose the most appropriate and how […]